Sabtu, 10 Maret 2012

Affair with His Secretary

a boss of a company having an affair with his secretary. because their ego is at the crown, that morning they were out of the office of the secretary to the house. they then make love with the passionate until they get tired and fall asleep for hours.

when they wake up, the clock is shown at 8 pm. panic half the boss immediately put on his clothes. then he sent his secretary to bring the shoes out and smeared with grass and mud in the yard.

after the secretary carrying out his orders, his immediate boss was wearing dirty shoes and went to her house.

"Where you from?" snapped his wife when the boss of the house.

"Unfortunately, I will not lie with you. I'm having an affair with my secretary. we made ​​love all afternoon until the evening before until exhaustion. I just got a few minutes ago and then ran home," said the husband.

"You lie!! I know you must have fun playing golf again!"


Minggu, 19 Februari 2012

Lion's Share of Results

hunting lions and a donkey together. lion using his strength and ass using his running speed. after they catch a prey, lions divide it into 3 parts.

"I'll take the first part," he said, "because as the king of the jungle I have the highest position and then, as a colleague I would take the second part. For the third part, take it if you want me to beat."

One is Enough

One is enough

all animals having a party celebrating the marriage of the sun god. of them did the frog go look partying.

see the crazy excitement that occurs in the frog, one of them said, "you're all stupid. the sun alone is enough to drain all the pools. if later she married, what would we be?"

* A fool is never able to think, even for matters relating to themselves.

Sabtu, 04 Juni 2011


Read slowly several times, internaliting in the heart and belief. hard hard read to 9 times the Declaration 1. I can because I think I can. I was created to succeed. I believe I am a winner. I can. do almost anything. My confidence is not limited. My. can, could, I certainly can.

Declaration on day 2. I need action and move forward. I never give up until I succeed. I have been programmed for success. Whatever happens I never stopped trying. Keep trying until I succeed.

Declaration on day 3. I am currently working on success. I believe I am a major player today. Success is not the final goal but a process of achieving goals. Therefore I will remain true whatever happens

Jumat, 27 Mei 2011


We are still busy to think, how we talk, what about the language or sentence. In some cases, could be important. However, starting when we talk and what we are talking about, it is far more important.
The people outside ourselves, in fact they were there not to judge. They were there to get the messages to be delivered, and they really do not care about the people who deliver the message. They present with the purpose of obtaining information, lessons, inspiration, and entertainment.
Therefore, stop thinking about yourself only, and start thinking about them. Stop think if you are sentenced to death by firing squad. Start thinking as someone who has something valuable to be conveyed to those who want to listen. When you begin to focus on their needs, and releases the mind from yourself, there's nothing to fear, because life is a learning process.
Many people believe that they always dihantaui past experience that embarrassing, oppressive events, whether it occurs in childhood or just a few days ago. For them, these events create fear excessive.
Recognize that every embarrassing thing is a very bad ordeal. But then, say: First, no one plans to fail, and you can not always control every situation. Second, you have passed through the event so you have another chance to accept new challenges. Third, these events are in the past and had been passed, so it is not likely to happen in exactly the same event. So next is up to you. When you stay focused on the terrible events of the past, then the chances of success will be lost. Take a lesson from that event and use it to perform better in the future. Failure is not a reason to quit. Any failures that we encounter provides valuable information for future improvement. You will have the courage to face challenges, but only if you focus on strengths and your successes.
Fear of making mistakes is like one side of the coin. Other side is feeling great desire to succeed and give a good impression. The main key is to practice. Practice will minimize errors. Another key is to get feedback from others. Practice is to dare to do it, according to size capabilities. Feedback is critical, assessment, comparison, and of course the next step was waiting.
In order to make peace with the fear of making mistakes, best is to acknowledge the fact that mistakes can happen, even to those most skilled and expert. And what matters is what you do against these kesalan. The more you show the inconvenience of the errors that occur, the greater the likelihood of people, or they, will know, that you are a loser.
How to correct mistakes is to learn the mistakes calmly. Take the necessary corrective action. Focus on what you want next. And so on. Forget the errors that occurred, and continue with exercise or your work. So, they are waiting for you, will forget your mistakes. They will admire the way you continue with the exercise of your life, and maybe they will feel relieved to know that you were also men who can make mistakes. | Peace with Yourself, Sunardian Wirodono, 2010.